Allergic diseases: from mechanisms to cures

Proceedings of the 29th Symposium of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum

Stephen J. Galli, You-Young Kim (ed.)

ISBN: 978-88-6315-749-9

2014 • 17×24 • 256 pages • 150 pics • hardcover



Allergic disorders, including asthma and severe food allergies, have increased in prevalence so markedly in recent years that some have called them “epidemics”. While once thought to be a concern primarily of developed nations, it is now clear that the problem is world-wide, with heavy burdens in terms of both human suffering and economic costs.

Moreover, despite some remarkable progress in efforts to understand the pathogenesis of these disorders, and in approaches to care for afflicted individuals, much more remains to be done before all patients with these diseases can be adequately treated or, even better, cured.