Allergies: Current challenges and solutions

Proceedings of the 30th Symposium of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum (CIA)

Marcus Maurer, Heidrun Behrendt (editors)

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ISBN: 978-88-6995-024-7

2016 • 17×24 cm • 240 pages • 70 (tables and pics) • hardcover


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These are the proceedings of the 30th Symposium of the Collegium lnternationale Allergologicum, «Allergies: Current challenges and solutions», which was held in Petersberg, Germany, from 13-18 September 2014.

This meeting, like all meetings of the Collegium, brought together basic and translational scientists, clinical immunologists, and allergists to foster interdisciplinary approaches and discussions to understand, treat, and, ultimately, cure immunological disorders. As in previous meetings, the majority of the scientific program was dedicated to free communications presenting new and largely unpublished findings either orally or as poster discussions. Many of these important and very recent results are summarized by the authors in the contributions to these proceedings.

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